Patriot’s Day (2016) – A Movie Review


Patriot’s Day is a movie based on the real life events that occurred before, during, and after the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013. The story revolves around the lives of those who were affected by the whole event. Using footage from the events as well as reenactments, they were able to depict the tragedy that happened quite accurately. Despite this, the movie was criticised for being created “too soon” from the tragic events.

My dad dragged us into the movie theatre, saying that this sounded like a good movie. I didn’t expect much from it aside from the occasional tweets (La La Land was more heavily praised for both its music and raw emotion). The movie was two and a half hours long. Mark Wahlberg’s performance reminded me of Steve Carrell’s performance in the Big Short.

It was a pretty good movie. Obviously, heavy research was put into the film. It’s more of the content rather than the beauty of it, really. I’m not too familiar with the events of the Boston Marathon bombings, but this really opened my eyes to it.

Once again, I’m reminded how movies can really make people understand and see the events or perceptions of other people. It’s kind of sad that Patriot’s Day has to fight La La Land and Rogue One at the cinemas.

It was a good movie but overall, I don’t think it appeals to me since it feels like a documentary if you’re not much aware of the events that transpired.

Or maybe it’s the distance from the States that confuses me. Who knows?



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