How I fell through a roof

Before I start off this ridiculous story, can I just say that I absolutely positively hated Biology with passion during this time. I took BA Psychology in college. One of the required courses was Bio 11. It was the very basic biology course covering topics from botany to zoology.

I loathed it. It was a 7am class. The lecture came first then we did experiments in the laboratory. I honestly couldn’t understand why we had to take it in the first place when we didn’t even ever use the stupid concepts in any of our majors (Nope, not even physiological psychology). Aside from looking at psychology as a premed, it served no other purpose.

So, back to how I fell off the roof.

I was taking Bio 11 during that semester. We were scheduled to take our last long exam that day. I barely studied for the exam. I was at the point wherein I didn’t care anymore. Everyone else was studying their notes and here I was, in the middle of the hall, dancing with my friend.

Eventually, they let us in the exam hall. I could barely answer anything. Eh. An hour later, the exam ended. I wanted to celebrate. That was the last time I’d ever have to walk into the Biology building ever again.

So my friend, G, picked me up from the Bio building and we went to our org’s tambayan (aka, where its members hangout, like an HQ).

Let’s celebrate! I’m fucking done with Bio! YAAAAS!”

-Me, right before I fell through a roof, 2014

It was on the fourth floor of the the College of Business Administration (CBA). In our tambayan, a door to the rooftop was open. There was a catwalk you could hangout on. It was basically just a metal bridge that lead to nowhere. Thin strips of metal made up the walkway.

Note: That walkway was old, rusty, and in retrospect, dangerous.

G, being the good friend she is, brought out her tiny bottle of vodka. We each took a shot (In retrospect, once again, this was very very stupid). We looked at the view from up above. It was beautiful. But it was also hot. Mostly because it was 1pm.

So after a few minutes of admiring the view, we decided to go back inside the building.

I made the mistake of running instead of walking down the walkway.

Remember how I said the walkway was old?

Well, it’s old enough to have a few missing pieces of the walkway, so there were some huge gaps in between the metal strips.

If you were smart enough and careful enough, you could actually avoid them.

If you had low alcohol tolerance, was running carelessly across the walkway, and trying to get away from the scorching sun, then you would be me.

My entire right leg fell through the gap.

Thank God the gap wasn’t big enough to fit my body.


The Aftermath

After laughing at me for a few minutes, G asked if I wanted to go to the hospital. Mostly because I had a gigantic wound from the metal walkway. It was starting to bruise. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was the adrenaline, but I was laughing/crying too.

“You fell through the roof!”

-G, in between bursts of laughter instead of helping me, 2014

At first I didn’t really want to go, but after attempting to walk (and flinching from the pain), I decided to go anyway. G accompanied me to the hospital where they patched up the wound. It stung. So much. I was crying out a bit in pain.

“Excuse me, can you please tone it down? Someone has a headache here.”

“Sorry that my cries of pain are bothering you, I just fell through a roof I honestly dgaf”

-Me, if I weren’t polite and a little bit delirious from the pain, 2014

The funny thing is, I still went to class.

Lesson learned

For the next few weeks after that, I was in a lot of pain. The wound became very discolored. A gigantic ugly black blue bruise appeared a short while after. The bruise was bigger than both of my hands combined. I had to change the dressing everyday. My arm also hurt from the tetanus shot.

Also, I completely failed that last Bio exam. I drank four shots of vodka (It’s like I never learned my lesson) and studied the hell out of that exam.

I passed Bio. Barely.

None of my friends believed I fell through the roof until they saw my wound. Some were even doubting the authenticity of the wound and slapped it. Hard. Or slapped my arm with the tetanus shot.

Despite me telling the story lightheartedly, it really was a very painful few weeks. But I had fun. I made a lot of people laugh when I tell them this story, so I guess I hope it made you laugh too.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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