Being honest with yourself

Recently, I had a fight with a friend. I won’t go into the details of it but basically he was being a douche. I was so mad at him. He did something that he knows is a huge pet peeve of mine yet he did it anyway. And his reasoning?

“I didn’t think it would count because *technically* it isn’t your pet peeve.”

-Lamest excuse of the century courtesy of the biggest douche of the century

Oh, wow. I didn’t think I needed to get a lawyer to get so specific that you would actually attempt to find loopholes in my pet peeve. I’m still mad at him, so excuse my sarcasm for the moment.

You see, as with all pet peeves, for example, chalk scraped on a board, you’d be pretty sure that anything similar to it will irk the person as well. Say, playing a YouTube video of chalk scraping a board, it still pretty much counts.

That is, if you have common sense.

Unfortunately, this friend of mine did not have the very uncommon common sense. Instead, he didn’t think it counted because technically, he’s not the one doing the action.

But as I further prompted him, he revealed that he knew that it would piss me off, he just had to justify it in his mind that he’s not doing anything wrong.

So here’s my life lesson from this fight: Stop. Lying. To. Yourself. Be. Fucking. Honest.

Aside from chalk scraping on a board, I really hate it when I notice that people lying to themselves in a serious manner. Not in a joking way wherein you really know what the truth is, but rather in a way that really attempts to distort your view on things negatively.

“This neck injury isn’t that serious, I’m not too worried about it. Besides, going to the doctor is such a hassle. Ahahaha~”

That’s dangerous. You should get that checked. It’s not something to laugh about. This person just lied to himself about a serious neck injury because going to the doctor would be too much of a hassle.

I lie too. I lie to people a lot.

“So do you exercise daily?”


(No. The answer is no.)

Or maybe something like

“How are you doing today?”

“Good, I’m doing good!”

(I have depression and death is a daily thought of the day, so no.)

I lie to people but not to myself. Lying is part of everyday situations. Sometimes the situation is not right for you to tell the truth immediately. Sometimes it’s a meaningless small talk that doesn’t entail you going into detail of how you just pooped so much you clogged the toilet.

People to lie to each other. Please don’t lie to yourself. We already have enough “alternative facts” (cue my sarcasm) and misinformation going around the world. You don’t have to lie to yourself too.

In other news, that friend owes me free food. So, there’s that.


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