Happy Chinese New Year!

Met up with some friends at the mall today. They had some pretty cool stuff for Chinese New Year. Posting them here because I am giddy. ;D

They had these stalls for Chinese New Year! Here are some of my experiences :>


Tried out Chinese Calligraphy for the very first time! It was super fun


Photo with proper calligraphy! You get the chance to hang up yours on the tree too! I asked my boyfriend to hang it up super high ❤


One of the shops had a Panda Hoodie! ❤ I tried it on. It was sooooo cute. I danced around inside shop and the employees laughed at my awkward dancing =))


I tried on these clip on wings for your hair! The stall was selling them for P50 only, I couldn’t believe it! 0_0 I didn’t buy it though. When would I ever use these things? =))


Released my inner cat with this really cute headband! (Again, didn’t buy it but I totes would when I see it again HAHAHA)


Meow meow mofos ❤

Haha, sorry this turned out to be such a fest full of my photos. I would have taken more photos had I known I’d decided to post this in my blog.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day! There were lots of stalls and they even had Dragon Dance. Almost everyone was wearing red and it was just a really fun day.

Happy Chinese New Years everyone! :3


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