My goal is to help people

I’ve recently decided to study again. It’s strange. I’ve diverged from the usual path people walk through and have decided to go through this entirely new one. This would be my second degree after Psychology. I’m not making money. Not yet, anyway.

I’m taking a midyear semester course on Biology, a subject I barely passed back then. I’m commuting to Manila every single day, leaving at 6 in the morning to arrive approximately an hour later. I have to study hard every single night to understand the concepts of Biology.

And this is just the beginning of my journey studying to become an occupational therapist.

I’m pretty sure my brain hasn’t integrated the whole path into its whole being yet. I’m still not defining myself as an occupational therapy major. I still identify with being a psychology major. I look at things from a psychological perspective. I get thrilled at the mention of Freud. I still look back at the terms in psych (corpus callosum, optic chiasma) and I connect it with what I learn in Biology.

It’s a very confusing time. I’m mostly focusing on studying and passing Biology and learning to wake up early in the morning for class. I bring water to class, I’ve had to pith a frog and a toad several times. These are things you wouldn’t have caught me dead doing as a psych major.

There are stereotypes in every college. The Business majors are partygoers, the engineering people are all veryΒ gago in their own right, comparative literature majors are the quirky friends who make references to classical and obscure books, and psychology majors often are the ones aiming to go to med school or law school.

It’s so strange. I don’t know what the stereotype for occupational therapy majors are. And my habits have changed so much from back when I was studying psychology.

I feel happy. I feel like I’m working towards a goal bigger than my own. I’m passionate about psychology but I’m also passionate about OT. In psychology, I was amazed at the concepts, studies, and theories everyone was passing around in casual conversation. There were so many things about the human population that could be simplified or become intensely complex that a million page paper would not even cover a quarter of our theories.

But in psychology, I was there for myself. I wanted to take up psychology because it was something that interested me. I loved it because it didn’t bore me. I could pay enough attention in class to get by.

In OT, I’m not here for myself. Or maybe I am. I’m here for the future. I want to help people. I want to be able to give them happiness in what they want to do with their lives. I want to help children have a better foundation in their development years to help them deal with struggles in the future with a healthy coping mechanism.

In the future, I see a vision of people who I’ve helped become their own person. I see them being able to go forward on their own, using their own strength and skill.

They say occupational therapy is all about helping people achieve what matters to them and to be able to move forward even with the disabilities they have right now.

I guess, that’s what I want in life. I want to push people forward to a better future.

It’s stupid. It’s idealistic. But this is my goal.

I’m going to be an occupational therapist. I’m going to help people. And I’m going to help the Philippines.