To my younger self,

Hi. You’re about to start high school. It’s a whole new school. Your best friend is going to a different high school. You’re about to be left behind. To be honest, you didn’t really think of it that way, did you? In your mind, you guys will always be best friends.

You’re only eleven, but you’ve been through a lot. To be honest, you’re kinda nerdy and you don’t take care of yourself. You’ve got internalized misogyny. You didn’t take care of yourself because natural beauty is better. You played video games. You saw yourself as one of the guys. You beat all the guys in your classroom in arm wrestling.

You hate yourself.

You’re asking for help. But you don’t know who to talk to.

I still remember that entry. In sixth grade, we were required to make daily logs in our journals. I still remember that vividly. You wrote in your diary terrible things.

You wrote about cutting yourself. You wrote about how the blade felt nice against your skin. It was better than what you were actually feeling. Being numb. Feeling empty. Scared of the future.

Every week, our teacher made us pass our diary. You passed that diary. Along with that journal entry. You were scared that our teacher would read it. Yet, you were also relieved. I guess somewhere deep in your mind, you thought that maybe he would help you out.

The weekend passed slowly. You were in agony waiting for that Monday morning. Would he call your parents? Would he talk to you about it? Would you get in trouble?

Monday morning came. You got to your seat. Our teacher started class. He called out for attendance. Made some morning announcements. The hum of the airconditioning filled the room.

“I’m giving back your diaries now.”

You could hear your heart beating through your ears. Palms sweaty, your knuckles almost white from your closed fists. Minutes felt like hours.

He calls your name.

You get up from your seat. You walk towards him, in the middle of the classroom. You grab your diary from his hand.

He barely looks at you. He calls out the next name. You turn around, you’re confused. You walk to your seat slowly.

There it is. Your diary. Your half-assed diary, to be honest. A cut out of Snow White (which you grabbed from an old kiddy magazine at the last minute) stuck to the cover page. Pages upon pages of entries filled half of the notebook. The first few entries were long. Covering one or two pages. As you flip page after page, the entries become shorter and shorter, to the point where an entry was just a sentence long.

I would know. I wrote all of that. I half-assed it after several months in school. There was nothing to write about. Or rather, I didn’t really feel the urge to write so much when we already had enough schoolwork.

And you finally get to the latest page.

“Dear Diary,

Today I cut myself. I was mad and upset. I grabbed scissors and just kept running them through my fingertips. It felt really good. I don’t know why. It made me feel better. It helped me stop being upset. Please don’t tell my mom!”

On top of the paragraph was a huge red check mark.

You let out a sigh of relief. Or was it disappointment? I’m not really too sure. It’s been eight years since I was last you. I can’t really remember.

I do remember though, what you did right after. You grabbed your correction tape and erased that whole entry. Instead, you placed a stupid wishy washy entry about doing homework, eating dinner, and playing computer games that night.

This letter is never going to reach you, younger me. It’s not possible. Several years later, you would have a conversation with that teacher (he was, after all, one of the very best ones you’ve ever had). He would confess that your handwriting was so bad that he didn’t read your diary logs at all. He would also confess that he thoroughly read through your classmates’ entries though, because their handwriting capabilities were better.

You laugh with him. You try to defend yourself by joking around. It’s all a secret.

To my younger self,

I honestly don’t know what to say to you. You’re eleven years old. You think about death often. You cry a lot. Your best friend is leaving for another faraway school. High school is going to suck. But honestly, you’re just excited about school. You’re excited about studying and making new friends and having fun.

You’ve got a long way to go before you become me. You’ll be spending majority of the next few years hating on your parents, hating on your life, but clinging on to it because of your friends. I still remember you.

If I have to tell you something positive, it’s this. Things get better. Things get tougher. But they get better. You will face hardships you wouldn’t have known possible. You will cry a lot. You’ll be awkward. But it’s okay.

Because you’ll have a support system with you. Your parents are your biggest supporters. You just don’t see it because you’re blaming them for a lot of things.

To my younger self,

Because no one told me this when I was you.

I see you. I know what you’re going through. I’m sorry this is happening. You will be your own person, not the worst case scenario you’re thinking you will become.

To my younger self,

You are important. Isn’t it amazing that out of all the stars, the mountains, the rivers, and the people of the earth, the universe decided it needed you too?

You will do great things some day. I know it.

To my younger self,

I love you.


Heneral Luna – a way to tell history

I absolutely don’t like history classes. They’re so boring. Especially as a kid, my mom had to drag me through studying the history of the Philippines. Our ancestors? I don’t feel connected to them at all. The questions were always the same things on exams. What is the name of our 10th President? How long did the Martial Law last? What date did Magellan come to the Philippines?

Gahd. Why should I care about this stuff? It’s all about people who ruled and changed history yada yada yada but honestly I didn’t see the point of memorizing dates, whole names, or even the names of the laws enacted, wars that happened, or betrayals that occurred within the government.

I’m looking at you, Emilio Aguinaldo. Yeah, we all know you had Andres Bonifacio shot. Modern time Brutus.

Even in college, I avoided all the Kasaysayan (History) electives. My aversion to history was so bad.

That was until, I was introduced to Heneral Luna.


His name means moon but he is my sun (haha get it get it? no please don’t leave no more jokes I swear)

Heneral Luna was a biopic film released in 2015 by Jerrold Tarog. Here’s an interesting tidbit: the movie flunked at first. It was screening in 70 theatres (???) nationwide but within a week they stopped showing it in at least half. No one was watching it. I mean, who the hell would pay P200 for a biopic? That’s the equivalent of two Jollibee meals.

But then, the people who actually did give it a chance were raving about it so freakin hard. They posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. They encouraged people to watch it. Facebook was flooded with friends talking about how amazing the movie turned out to be. The last biopic released was a flop.


Surprisingly, even with stars like Padilla and Padilla

So, of course, as people are wont to do, they watched the movie. Encouraged by friends on Facebook (so it’s seen as an authentic review rather than advertising from a company making money off of it), more and more people trickled in the theatre, and more and more people watched it.

In a world of social media, Heneral Luna managed to advertise itself through word of mouth.

So from 30 or so theatres, the number jumped to a 100 theatres. The movie managed to stay in cinemas for several weeks. It was shown in New York, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong. Filipinos all over the world flocked to watch this movie.

What’s the difference between Heneral Luna and Bonifacio? This movie humanized the people from history.

Think about it, can you really ever imagine Barack Obama, going through college? Awake at three in the morning, cold coffee on the table. It’s dark and quiet in the library. He hasn’t showered for three days, the paper is due in a few hours. His penmanship is getting more and more unreadable as the night goes on.

You see, I think that’s why I hated history back then, when I was a kid. We were told all these stories of how Lapu-lapu managed to get rid of the mean Magellan who attempted to “civilize” our ancestors. He was seen as the great and the powerful. But so what?

I don’t know how that struggle feels like. What does it feel like to have other people depend on you for leadership? What does it like to fight to the death with people you disagree with? No, I’m not trying to undermine any of what history says, but it’s just ultimately uninteresting to me (and I’m sure to a lot of other people).

Heneral Luna changed all that. Usually, biopics had very stiff language. So formal. So intense. So tragically distant. But check out this trailer of Heneral Luna.

The Tagalog used is modern and easy to understand. And it’s so friggin quotable. The movie takes it up a notch too. Heneral Luna swears, he’s always pissed. There’s a scene in the movie where the military gained a train for transporting goods to their base. Everyone brought along their family to ride the train and check it out. Luna drives them out, screaming

“Puñeta! Hindi tayo mamamasyal! (Son of a bitch! We aren’t going on a trip!)”

-Heneral Luna, as he used his baton to chase the Filipinos and the chickens away

The movie isn’t all serious. There are scenes that will make you laugh, scenes that will make you tense. You get to know Luna as a person. Throughout the movie, you’ll see him tired, frustrated, happy, angry, making jokes, and honestly working very hard for a country that doesn’t seem to love him back.

Then the movie ends with the actual brutal truth: Heneral Luna was brutally murdered under the alleged orders of Emilio Aguinaldo. The entire scene takes fifteen minutes. It’s brutal to watch. It’s not even the most agonizing part of the film.

Everyone who was in on the plan for his death looked straight in the camera and talked to the audience. They vehemently denied their involvement in Luna’s death. Emilio Aguinaldo argued that Luna was his best commander. Buencamino stated that he hated the guy but definitely not enough to kill him. And they believed this with thorough conviction.

You walk out of the film dazed and angry. It feels like you just lost a friend.

I watched that film four times. I have a picture with one of the actors. It’s just… wow.

This is something I realized two years after the film was released, though. All of this writing is from memory. I didn’t have to look up their names on a history book or Wikipedia. I just honestly loved it and it’s basically history.

The same for Hamilton, the amazing musical on Broadway about Alexander Hamilton. I know so much shit about these people.

Here’s a key takeaway schools should learn from biopics like Heneral Luna or musicals like Alexander Hamilton. History shouldn’t just be about memorizing dates, names, or places of wars, peace treaties, or freedoms claimed. It should literally be about the story of the people before us.

Make history interesting by making the people interesting. Philippine history books just always talk about it like a list of facts to memorize. Make students understand. Make it a story.

Because honestly something we were never taught in history is the fact that these were normal people before history wrote them down as important. Heneral Luna was a doctor, Andres Bonifacio was a middle class citizen who cared for his family. Jose Rizal was a womanizing short dude who had an insane schedule of studying a lot. So basically he was a nerd.


National hero. Nerd. Original fuccboi.

You gotta translate it for the students. What made them fight for the Philippines? Why did they decide to risk their lives for everything? You can’t just say shit like “oooh, they loved their country so much…” because Filipinos nowadays are just looking for ways to leave the Philippines because the opportunities here are so shit.

Make the students write plays, tell stories. Little tidbits of trivia clickbait will make students more interested.

Did you know World War II started because an assassin ate a sandwich?

Did you know that Heneral Luna was actually a momma’s boy?

Did you know that the Berlin Wall was torn down because of miscommunication?

History looks at things in retrospect. Things weren’t seen as so grand before or during the event. In retrospect, history identified these key events and pinpointed them to the escalation of tension, to the eventual climax of changing a significant perspective of a nation or a group of people.

The only difference between us and the people in our history lessons? They took action and fought for what they believed in. Make us understand, education systems.

Make us love our country once more.


La Mesa Eco Park

A week ago, I dragged my parents to La Mesa Eco Park, this little area of greenery in Quezon City. My parents enjoyed it a lot, here’s some photos (since I finally learned drag and drop works!)!!!

We got there at around 10am. It was a pretty cloudy day and I was still playing around with the camera, so forgive the quality for now. I’ll get better through practice (prolly).


Pretty dark, but whatever.

We got there by car. La Mesa Eco Park in located in Commonwealth. It’s a little bit farther than the Commonwealth Market. It’s kinda hidden though. You can only ride the trike going inside the park.

You can take photos on this huge sign they have outside. It’s pretty cute.

We paid P50 for each person for the entrance fee because we didn’t bring any IDs. Senior citizens, students, and residents of Quezon City get a discount. The park is open until 4pm. The place is amazing. It’s very picturesque. A lot of people were on their bikes. Some of them were jogging. Some people had a picnic.


There were a lot of huge trees covering us, so even if it were sunny it would still be breezy in the park.


The walkway going into the park.

There’s a lot of walking involved, be warned. Wear comfortable shoes. You can bring food inside the park too.


The lagoon beside the picnic area.

There are a lot of activities you could do inside the park. We didn’t really do any of them but mostly they’re fun family activities. You can go swimming (they have two swimming pools but only one is functioning as of this writing) but you have to pay extra for that. Fishing is also possible, for a price.


The statue in the middle of the waterbiking lake.

You can ride a horse around the area too. There’s also a bungee trampoline jumping thing. Water biking was also offered but not a lot of people were availing of the service. Mostly though, the visitors bring food and have a picnic in a rented hut and enjoy the greenery.


Stairs leading to nowhere. Literally.

They also have these stairs that go up really high. We climbed up on to the top but there’s literally nothing there but the La Mesa Dam. You can’t take photos of the Dam from up there. The only advantage is you can see the lagoon and catch your breathe. A lot of people were catching their breathe halfway through the stairs so it’s best to bring water and pace yourself walking up these things.


Some of the plants on the uphill climb parallel to the stairs.


The view from the top of the stairs leading to nowhere. It’s a pretty view, considering how urban Quezon City can be.


Halfway view from the stairs


Flowers are planted everywhere. You could do photoshoots here with friends, actually. :>


A smaller lagoon beside the uphill stairs.


A lot of people brought their bikes. Bike trails are available so that’s pretty cool!


The horses that provide the the horseback riding experience look well-fed in comparison to those in Baguio. 🙂


Mini rice terraces!


The path in the Drilon Orchidarium

They also had an Orchidarium full of orchids. Not a lot of the orchids were in bloom though. They had a lot of flowers inside the mini-maze thing. It was super pretty!




My mom and I went inside the Orchidarium by ourselves. There were a lot of great places to take photos. Plus my mom loves flowers so she took as many photos as she could.


I took a lot of pictures of my mom. Here’s my favorite one ❤

We only stayed for a few hours but my parents enjoyed it and that made me happy. They don’t usually enjoy a lot of stuff so it was nice to see them walking around enjoying themselves.

La Mesa Eco Park: A review

Overall, the park is a great place to visit during the weekends. It’s very family friendly. I didn’t get to take a shot of the playground and the other facilities like the butterfly garden, so you’re going to have to discover that stuff on your own. A lot of people visit the place for a quick family bonding trip. Bring picnic stuff like food, cups, refreshments, and blankets if you feel like having a picnic.

If you don’t want to bother with bringing food though, there’s several outdoor restaurants that sell meals like Bulalo, grilled meat, or snacks. Note that they don’t open when it’s rainy. So I’m pretty sure it’s best to go here during the summer.

Bathrooms are also clean! That’s a very big plus!

It’s also a fun cheap date place if you want to bring your significant other to spend time together walking around trees. You don’t always have to spend money to have a good time ❤

Anyway, I hope more people come and support this park! 😀

An introvert in a party

Today, surprisingly, I went to a party my friend was hosting because it’s almost his birthday. I honestly thought that it would be okay since some of my close friends are coming as well. When I got there with my boyfriend, we were the only ones from our circle who had arrived.

I mean, I knew the other people but only by name. I didn’t expect to socialize with people. Recently I’ve been very heavily introverted. If I didn’t like people before, I certainly don’t want to talk to people now. It tires me out. So we kinda spent the whole party just… attempting to avoid people as best as we could.

I brought my camera but I was too shy to take so many photos of people. It kinda sucks being an introvert sometimes.

Here I was, at this pretty cool party with all this beer and alcohol with all these people I could possibly get to know, yet because I’m an introvert, I’d rather not socialize. I avoided talking as much as possible. I ran into a corner with my equally introverted boyfriend and we stayed there taking photos or selfies. It sucks.


Yeah, we got there pretty early, so no one’s photobombing me yet.

It was a party. An opportunity to get to know other people. These other people probably had pretty cool stories to tell. We could have sit ourselves down and learned more about their lives, exchanged cool stories, or maybe even made a permanent friend. The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is talk.

Just. talk.

“Hi, what’s your name?”

“Cool, so how do you know Sski or Kends?”

Conversation starters. Drinks all around. Listen to people some more. Enjoy the night.

Yet because I wasn’t prepared, because I wasn’t expecting to talk to new people, I was not in the mood and I wanted to go home. It sucked.

You know how I met my friends in college? I socialized. A lot. I went to all our dinners and parties. I studied with them. We drank the night away, laughing at random things. We texted one another frequently. We met up randomly in the day and built ourselves up to our currently level of closeness now.

Even though sometimes I didn’t want to socialize, college expected you to do so. Once I had my permanent set of friends, I stopped socializing with strangers. Why would I want to? The only reason I socialized back then was to actually make close friends.

Back then, I felt like a loser if I didn’t go out to parties or dinners with other people. It felt unnatural to be home by 6:30 pm. I was always out late, sometimes getting home the next day smelling like smoke or alcohol. I was always tired but I had fun too.

Nowadays, I enjoy my nights in. I love spending time watching TV, reading a book, or writing on my blog. I love my friends but it’s hard to spend time with people when it drains you five minutes into the conversation.

Sometimes though, I miss the feeling of jumping in spontaneous roadtrips with friends, running wild into the night, spending hours upon hours just enjoying several people hanging out studying or drinking.

It was fun while it lasted.


A group of friends, after college. Feb 4, 2017


How to: Deal with your period

Ah, yes, puberty (usually). A time when breasts start swelling up, hormones go crazy, and girls start having the ability to have babies. Menstruation isn’t really something I was expecting to talk about.

However, I feel like this is something that needs to be shared with the world, considering how little information is released to the public for both girls and guys (!!! What if you’re a single dad? How are you going to explain why your daughter is suddenly bleeding between her legs?) about sex education.

So here’s a how to guide for dealing with your period.

1. Why do women bleed? – a simple introduction

There’s the scientific explanation. Women bleed because they have a cycle. Every month or so, a mature egg is released and attaches itself to the lining, waiting to be fertilized by that one special sperm cell. However, when that day doesn’t come, all hell breaks loose.


Comic taken from tumblr, I tried looking for the original source, no dice. H e l p

Normally, the cycle happens every month. Some women have irregular cycles wherein they don’t bleed for several months and suddenly bleed for one month straight. It really depends. If you’re worried, go to a gynaecologist and talk to them about your condition.

And if you haven’t already, download an app that records and predicts your period. There are tons out there for free. Here’s an app for Android. Here’s one for the iPhone. It’s good to know when you’re going to bleed, ovulate, or plainly have PMS.

I can vouch for My Period Calendar for Android because that’s what I use. It reminds you at least 2 days before your period to remind you to prep for it.

2. Always be prepared for bloodshed. Tampons, napkins, whatever works.

Even if you know that your period isn’t coming in the next few days, you should always have one or two spare sanitary napkins in your bag. Your period could surprise you by coming a few days early or your friend’s period could come and she might not have any for herself. It’s just good to carry them out in case of emergencies like that. Yes, even if you’re a guy.

It’s best that everyone is aware of periods and what they do just so that genders can understand one another better.

Anyway, there are several period supplies. The most common in the Philippines is the sanitary napkin:


Behold, mighty saviour of blood stained underwear (sometimes)

It’s pretty straightforward. You apply in inside your underwear and change it every few hours. Depending on how light or heavy your flow is, you’d also want to adapt if you’d want a regular napkin or a heavy overnight napkin. If you’re not sure, it’s best to experiment on what works best for you.

Negative on napkins: Sometimes they move in your underwear and can seep through your clothes. It took me years before I became an expert at putting these on and even then I still get the occasional leak.

The next one is more common in USA, the tampon:


The biggest sperm cell I’ve ever seen. JK, that’s a tampon.

The tampon is basically a very dense cotton that absorbs the blood before it even drips on your underwear. All you have to do is stick it up in your vagina and you’re good for a few hours. It’s pretty cool because you don’t actually feel it inside you when you do it properly.

Negative on tampons: If you leave it up there for too long, you could have Toxic Shock Syndrome. It’s a life threatening thing. However, used properly, tampons are pretty neat-o.

The next one is a Diva cup.


The male version is the hustler cup. Because this one’s a diva cup. AHAHAHAHAHah I crack myself up.

These things are starting to trend because unlike the tampon and the sanitary napkin, they’re environment friendly. You just shove it up your vagina and it literally acts as a cup or basin where the blood drips down. It works for 12 hours. Once you’re done, you just have to get it out, pour the blood down the toilet and just wash it again.

Negatives on diva cups: If you haven’t put it on properly, it’s possible to have leakage all over your underwear. Also, according to reviews it takes some getting used to. However, it’s pretty good for the environment so yeay for that! You can buy them here.

The last one that I’m aware of are the period panties.


Pretty steep prices, but the reviews are pretty good. The best way to explain it is to mold a sanitary napkin into underwear. The entire underwear works as your period catcher. The reviews are pretty good, stating that you still feel dry the whole day. You’ll also feel secure in knowing that your blood won’t be seeping through your clothes. Environment friendly too!

Negatives on period panties: Pretty. fucking. expensive. However, considering how much you spend on napkins, tampons, or whatever, it’s a pretty good investment.

You can buy them here.

3. Prepare for pain.

With periods come cramps. I’m not alone in the world when I say I hate period cramps. They hurt so much. At some point in my life, I woke up in the middle of the night from how painful these cramps could be. There are several ways to deal with them.

There’s painkillers. Standard painkillers will do every few hours. However, if you don’t want to spend money on painkillers there are other means as well. My favorite way to deal with cramps is to lie down and cry heat up some water, put it in a jug and place it on my lower abdomen. The warm water helps blood flow and keeps the pain to a minimum.

Apparently, sex helps, if you’re up for it.

There’s also exercising. Exercise helps the blood flow to your uterus as well. Do this if you truly have the willpower to get up even after all that pain.

4. Take that much needed rest.

If it’s not important, if that phone call, that email, or that reading can wait, do it. Stay at home, watch a few good movies, sleep for the remainder of that day. Take your time and deal with this as you please. Make sure you’re doing your responsibilities but at the end of the day, you deserve some time off.

You bleed through your vagina for three months a year (one week per month, there are 12 months, that’s 12 weeks, 12 weeks equate to 3 months). That’s pretty fucking impressive. You have a full time job, career, or student responsibilities and you’re doing all that while your uterus screams at you to have a baby.

Girls are amazing.

Learn to embrace yourself and rest if you can.

Or, you know, opt to skip out that period entirely through birth control pills. It works, it’s possible. Talk to your gyno about it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, I thoroughly enjoyed typing down what I know. If you know anything more about periods, tips, tricks, or just want to help out other girls by putting the knowledge out there, leave a comment down below! ;D

How I fell through a roof

Before I start off this ridiculous story, can I just say that I absolutely positively hated Biology with passion during this time. I took BA Psychology in college. One of the required courses was Bio 11. It was the very basic biology course covering topics from botany to zoology.

I loathed it. It was a 7am class. The lecture came first then we did experiments in the laboratory. I honestly couldn’t understand why we had to take it in the first place when we didn’t even ever use the stupid concepts in any of our majors (Nope, not even physiological psychology). Aside from looking at psychology as a premed, it served no other purpose.

So, back to how I fell off the roof.

I was taking Bio 11 during that semester. We were scheduled to take our last long exam that day. I barely studied for the exam. I was at the point wherein I didn’t care anymore. Everyone else was studying their notes and here I was, in the middle of the hall, dancing with my friend.

Eventually, they let us in the exam hall. I could barely answer anything. Eh. An hour later, the exam ended. I wanted to celebrate. That was the last time I’d ever have to walk into the Biology building ever again.

So my friend, G, picked me up from the Bio building and we went to our org’s tambayan (aka, where its members hangout, like an HQ).

Let’s celebrate! I’m fucking done with Bio! YAAAAS!”

-Me, right before I fell through a roof, 2014

It was on the fourth floor of the the College of Business Administration (CBA). In our tambayan, a door to the rooftop was open. There was a catwalk you could hangout on. It was basically just a metal bridge that lead to nowhere. Thin strips of metal made up the walkway.

Note: That walkway was old, rusty, and in retrospect, dangerous.

G, being the good friend she is, brought out her tiny bottle of vodka. We each took a shot (In retrospect, once again, this was very very stupid). We looked at the view from up above. It was beautiful. But it was also hot. Mostly because it was 1pm.

So after a few minutes of admiring the view, we decided to go back inside the building.

I made the mistake of running instead of walking down the walkway.

Remember how I said the walkway was old?

Well, it’s old enough to have a few missing pieces of the walkway, so there were some huge gaps in between the metal strips.

If you were smart enough and careful enough, you could actually avoid them.

If you had low alcohol tolerance, was running carelessly across the walkway, and trying to get away from the scorching sun, then you would be me.

My entire right leg fell through the gap.

Thank God the gap wasn’t big enough to fit my body.


The Aftermath

After laughing at me for a few minutes, G asked if I wanted to go to the hospital. Mostly because I had a gigantic wound from the metal walkway. It was starting to bruise. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was the adrenaline, but I was laughing/crying too.

“You fell through the roof!”

-G, in between bursts of laughter instead of helping me, 2014

At first I didn’t really want to go, but after attempting to walk (and flinching from the pain), I decided to go anyway. G accompanied me to the hospital where they patched up the wound. It stung. So much. I was crying out a bit in pain.

“Excuse me, can you please tone it down? Someone has a headache here.”

“Sorry that my cries of pain are bothering you, I just fell through a roof I honestly dgaf”

-Me, if I weren’t polite and a little bit delirious from the pain, 2014

The funny thing is, I still went to class.

Lesson learned

For the next few weeks after that, I was in a lot of pain. The wound became very discolored. A gigantic ugly black blue bruise appeared a short while after. The bruise was bigger than both of my hands combined. I had to change the dressing everyday. My arm also hurt from the tetanus shot.

Also, I completely failed that last Bio exam. I drank four shots of vodka (It’s like I never learned my lesson) and studied the hell out of that exam.

I passed Bio. Barely.

None of my friends believed I fell through the roof until they saw my wound. Some were even doubting the authenticity of the wound and slapped it. Hard. Or slapped my arm with the tetanus shot.

Despite me telling the story lightheartedly, it really was a very painful few weeks. But I had fun. I made a lot of people laugh when I tell them this story, so I guess I hope it made you laugh too.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Learning to love my brown skin

I live in the Philippines. We frequented the beach during summer and sunny days. As a kid, I loved the beach. Playing in the sand, making sandcastles, burying my cousins, and eating the freshly grilled barbecued meat, fish, and vegetables dipped in soy sauce and calamansi (a tiny citrus fruit endemic to our country).

However, my mom always warned me not to spend too much time in the sun.

“Huwag kang masyadong magpa-araw mamaya maging negra ka, sige ka!”

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