Photography Goals

Recently, I’ve been studying how to do photography. It’s pretty fun. I recently learned the do’s and don’ts for photography. I’m just recently learning the basics but I’ve improved a lot since my old photos (looking at all of them back then, I was just taking shots of things I found to be pretty or precious).

A lot of people want to go professional with photography. They want to be known for their amazing photographs. Some just like flattering photos of themselves. Everyone has a goal when they get into photography.

Mine? I want to make the world look gorgeous. Or capture the positive side that everyone has. Or realism. Shit, I was going somewhere with this.

Okay. Let me refine that phrase. I want the world to see what I see.

My family has a lot of photos. Most of the photos are awkward. My dad with his eternal peace signs, my mom just posing awkwardly for the photo, and my brother just stands there (still looking awkward, it runs in the family).


Mom posing for another photo


Tita being a little cheeky with the camera

Ever since I started learning photography, a lot of things have changed. I have photos of my mom and my dad just smiling naturally. My mom looks so gorgeous in her photos (not that she wasn’t gorgeous before, I just managed to capture her at her best) and my dad exudes a calm that you wouldn’t have seen in his old photos.


Dad, looking at a frog. Really.

I’ve taken photos of my extended family too. My tita looks amazing in her photos. I love taking photos of people and showing others what I see. When I see people, I want to believe that they’re all good. A little flawed in one way or another but no one truly believes they’re the bad person, just a victim of consequences and society.


My mom and her sister taking a selfie ❤


Dad being a goofy dad

There was this series I used to watch, Scrubs. It was a dramedy about a hospital. Ben Sullivan, played by Brendan Fraser, was one of the guests on the show. He was the brother in law of one of the main characters, Dr. Cox. He hated posed photos. He thought they didn’t really show the truth. He truly believed candid photos were the way to go.

I kind of understand what he meant. People are always caught off guard with photos. Unless you’re truly comfortable in front of a camera, you always have a practiced smile, not the one you use when you’re talking with a loved one, but a smile just for the camera. And trust me, there’s a big difference.

I love taking candid photos of people. It’s not because I think that camera smiles are fake (there’s just something off about it), it’s because candid photos often capture the realness of people and their reactions, their poses, and who they really are.

I still do believe that some posed photos are fun to do, just for the sake of capturing pretty things and seeing the world in a whole new dimension. I just honestly think there’s room for both.

Anyway, that’s it for this thought process. Thanks for reading! 🙂